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2.27sDon't want to overload it.
2.37sPah! Typical Canadian wimpiness.
3.54sThat's why you have snowballs, and we have the H-bomb!
2.23sWe really appreciate your help, Johnny.
2.27sIs there any way we can repay you?
5.5sWell, I've always wanted to see a man with the IQ of a child executed by the state.
1.67sWe don't get that up here.
3.74sReally? In America, we do it four times a week.
2.72sYou come on down, and I'll get us front row seats.
1.57sI'd like that.
7.01s(THUNDER RUMBLING) We're losing altitude. Time to dump all unnecessary weight.
4.05sWhat? Don't dump me out! I can lose weight! Just give me a chance!
1.8sOne, two...
2.69sAh, I'd rather die.
2.55sIt's no use. We've got to make an emergency landing.
1.97sWell, at least we're all in this together.
2.4sNow, we have three parachutes.
1.15sThis one's for me.
3.5sAnd these two are gifts for my nephews. Tallyho!