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1.17sI agree, sir.
3.12sShut up. I'm so sick of you, Smithers.
4.14sYour toadying, your complete agreeability, your gasping on the floor...
3.25sSmithers! If this is some sort of hijink, stop it immediately.
2.72sSir, my thyroid is swelling up.
3.75sConfound it, man. I need your throat clear and ready for perjury.
1.65sWhen you canceled the drug plan,
1.57sI couldn't afford my Thyroxine anymore.
3.85sBut before I die, there are words I have always longed to say.
1.88sSir, I... (CHOKING)
3.6sFear not, Smithers! I'll move heaven and Earth to save you!
3.25sIt's still easier than teaching a new assistant my filing system.
2.74sI just wish we could make one last big score,
3.34sbut we could never drive past the border patrol.
2.68sThere are other ways to get into Canada.
2.08sThat's it! A plane!
2.59sSmuggle drugs in a plane? That'll never work!