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2.67sWell, looks like I am free.
1.7sHey, you know what might be fun?
3.1sHow about we just order room service and watch a couple of bad movies?
2.87sYeah, that does sound like fun. I'll go rent Vanilla Sky.
2.67sI said a bad movie, not an abortion.
2.34sThis is gonna be great. A whole evening with Lois!
1.5sWe are gonna have such a fun time.
1.5sLois, my darling!
2.54sCouple of steaks, some wine, maybe a couple of sundaes...
1.3sLois, my darling!
1.53s...little music, some candlelight.
1sLois, my darling!
1.73sWhoa, whoa, whoa. What am I doing?
1.67sThis is Lois, Peter's wife.
2.74sHow can I even think about trying anything?
2.54s(CELL PHONE RINGING) Hello? STEWIE: Hey, Brian, it's me.
2.04sI got a question for you.