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2.3sWell, then maybe Brian and I can hang out.
1.03sDo you mind, Brian?
1.5sNo, not at all.
1.97sGood, now can you move, please? You're blocking the screen.
2.4sANNOUNCER ON TV: We now return to Damn, Nature, You Scary on BET.
2sMAN ON TV: Damn, that motherfucker run fast. You see that shit?
3.1sThat thing come by my house, I kill it.
4.3s(ROARS) That little rat-looking thing just got ate. Damn, Nature, you scary!
3.03sYou must remember this
3.17sA kiss is still a kiss
6.21sA sigh is just a sigh
5.81sThe fundamental things apply
4.37sAs time goes by