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3.7sYou're a piece of work, you know that? An hour late and you're drunk.
2.94sYou had an opportunity to share a beautiful moment with Brian,
1.3sand you wasted it,
1.33swasted it like the Osmond family wastes water.
3.03s(SHOWER RUNNING) Who's in the shower? Is it Donny?
2.67sNo, I showered earlier. It could be Merrill.
1.47sMerrill's right here.
1.27sWell, where's Jimmy?
2.43sJimmy's running through the sprinklers in the yard.
1.03sIs it Marie?
1.63sNo, no one's in there.
3.17sSo the shower's just running with no one in there?
1sThat's right.
1.87sWell, I'll be a son of a gun.
1.23sHey. Good morning.
2.1sOh, good morning, Brian.
3.27sThat's a lovely fragrance you're wearing. What is it?
2.9sOh, this? This is Hartz Mountain Flea Dip.
3sKills ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. It's very potent.
7.91sAlmost as potent as the inspiration you give me to plumb the deepest fathoms of my soul for a literary bounty of truth and loveliness.