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3.4sWell, you know what they say, write what's in your heart.
4.1s(SLURRING) Hey! Oh, did... Did I miss Byron's reward?
3.24sBrian's award. And, yes, you did, Peter.
4.17sYou've been a good son, Brian, and I'm sorry you're so sick.
1.7sWhat? Peter, where the hell have you been?
6.54sEvery time that we go to a hotel, you hide the key to the minibar from me.
3.64sBut I found it. I found it.
3.14sLois Griffin.
3.7sYou're a piece of work, you know that? An hour late and you're drunk.
2.94sYou had an opportunity to share a beautiful moment with Brian,
1.3sand you wasted it,
1.33swasted it like the Osmond family wastes water.
3.03s(SHOWER RUNNING) Who's in the shower? Is it Donny?
2.67sNo, I showered earlier. It could be Merrill.
1.47sMerrill's right here.
1.27sWell, where's Jimmy?
2.43sJimmy's running through the sprinklers in the yard.