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3.07sSo, a lot of tension with Peter lately, huh?
3.67sThat's an understatement, Brian. He's been incredibly thoughtless lately.
2.03sEven more so than usual.
1.63sBut tonight is our sex night,
3.3sand a little physical release will do us both some good.
2.1sPeter, are you... Oh, come on!
1.17sLois, I know it's late,
1.67sbut, me and the guys, we're going beekeeping.
2.47sOh, my God, what the hell is wrong with you?
4.54sWhoa, someone just yelled themselves out of honey with breakfast.
1.54sI don't need honey, Peter,
2.77sI need a husband who wants to spend time with me.
1.53sCan I make a suggestion?
3.57sAll you two have done is argue about stuff for the past two weeks.
2sIt's my guess you could use a vacation.
3.47sWhy don't you come out to Martha's Vineyard and watch me accept my award?
2.14sWow, does that sound wonderful.
1.83sWhoa, whoa, whoa, that sounds expensive.
1.9sCan't we just do something fun here at the house?