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3.8sThe category is "Type of Pet." Herbert put "Cambodian."
1.44sThat's not right, right?
1.9sLook, Stewie, I can't talk about this now, all right?
1.27sJeez, what's your problem?
1.43sI just...
3.17sI did a bad thing, and I don't know what to do about it.
2.07sI feel like I'm losing my mind.
2.6sThat's how I felt at that Grateful Dead show.
3.2sDoes anybody want to buy my shirt?
2.97sI'll trade you my shirt for a grilled cheese!
4.07sSo, what happened, sport? Come on, talk to your pal, Stewie.
3.4sAll right, but only because I've got to tell somebody.
2.87sI pretty much just threw myself at Lois.
2.53sSo, you finally did it, huh?
1.9sWell, look, Brian, as your friend,
2.8sI should tell you that that vagina is ground zero, man.
2.74sI mean, I just... I wrecked that thing on the way out.