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3.95sWell, settle in. Without a microwave, we're trapped in this time period.
1.95sOh, Lord!
2.99sWe'll have to endure the horrible music of the Big Bopper,
2.74sand then the terrible tragedy of his death.
3.8sWait a second! There's a microwave radar dish at the army base.
1.64sWe could steal it.
1.3sNo! That would alter history.
5.47sAbove all else, it is our sacred duty to preserve the past exactly as it was.
0.64sWell, I killed my grandfather.
3.47sWait. If you killed your grandfather, why do you still exist?
1.75sI don't know. Maybe God loves me.
3.14sKilled? In an atomic blast?
2.97sNo, sir. I'm afraid I don't take much solace in the fact...
2.74sthat the implosion trigger functioned perfectly.