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3.32sWell, I'm sure we can buy a microwave somewhere around here.
3.67sMeanwhile, you guys sneak onto the army base and rescue Bender's body.
3.4sHey, and while we're on the base, I'll visit my Grandfather Enos.
2.89sHe was stationed at Roswell. Your grandfather?
2.79sStay away from him, you dimwitted monkey!
1.78sYou mustn't interfere with the past.
2.62sDon't do anything that affects anything...
2.2sunless it turns out you were supposed to do it,
3.8sin which case, for the love of God, don't not do it!
0.42sGot it.
3.12sIf, for example, you were to kill your grandfather,
1.73syou'd cease to exist.
3.04sBut existing is basically all I do!
2.87sWhat is your purpose here? Huh?
2.33sAll right, Officer. I'll move along.
3.25sWhat the general means is why did you come to Earth?