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3.05sAccording to the high-precision digital chronograph...
2.77sit's july 9, 1947,
2.84swhich would explain why the chronograph has turned into...
0.62sthis pinup calendar.
1.91sWait a second.
2sYou mean we traveled through time?
3.72sDoy! Some idiot must have put metal in the microwave.
2.42sYo. And the microwave radiation...
4.24scombined with the gravitons and graviolis from the supernova,
2.28sblasted us through time itself.
2.15sHave you seen today's news?
2.27s"High School Gym Renovations On Schedule"?
2.74s- What a load! - No. Over here.
2.2s"Flying Saucer Captured."
2.02sThat's no flying saucer.