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1.87sNo dogs allowed in the bus station.
3.1sOh, uh. My--My blind guy's in the john.
2.05sI'll point him in your direction.
1.5sBrian's tennis ball.
2.19sMan, he loved to play with this thing.
1.6sDouble fault!
1.7sCome on, Brian.
3.1sPeter, why don't you just admit you miss Brian?
2.28sYou're right, Lois. Who am I kidding?
2.23sThis family needs Brian. I need him.
2.5sGod, I hate this freaking cat.
1.67sCan you spare some change?
2.02sSo you can go buy yourself another bottle of booze?
2.69sWhy don't you make something of your life, like this dog?
2.82sThat's me! I mean, that was me.
1.13sYeah, sure.
1.57sNo, I mean it. That was me.
1.85sGet away from me, you crazy animal!
1.5sYou want me to be a crazy animal?