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1.37sOh! Oh!
2.07sOh! Oh! Oh! God, no!
2.44soh, That was Brian's favorite commercial.
1.68s"Brian"? "Brian"?
1.45sNo, it's not ringing a bell.
2.08sStop it! We all miss him.
3.5sGo find him, apologize, and bring him home.
2.3sYou heard him. He doesn't want to be a part of this family.
2.17sWe don't need him. We'll get another pet.
2.9sNo way, Dad. No one can take Brian's place.
1.33sSIlencE! Silence!
3.89sThat mongrel is probably decomposing on the side of a dirt road as we speak!
1.27sLet's get a kitty!
2.33sSee, gang? Stewie's got the right idea.
1.08sI don't know, Peter.
1.3sLois, trust me.
3.34sWe'll get a lovable kitty-cat and everybody will feel a lot better.
1.4sHere, kitty, kitty.
1.72sCome on down nice and easy.
1.37sThat's a good kitty.
1.22sWhat the hell was that?
1.67sUh, Something near a window.
1.5sPreferably a booth.
2.22sYeah, you got 50 Puerto Ricans in the kitchen!
2.3sYeah, that's authentic ItalIAN.