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2.95sI could've sworn his favorite was "treat Peter like crap" buns.
1.75sGood morning, Brian.
4.72sMy, your summer coat is really coming in nicely. Isn't it, Peter?
5.25sYeah. Must be that special jojoba shampoo I bought you. It cost a little extra.
3.8sBut I would do anything for you, Brian.
2.89sI'll be on the veranda since you're already on the cross.
2.67sOh, Eat with us, Brian. I made cinnamon buns.
3.5sMay I have one on a plate or is Peter planning to balance it on my nose?
1.8sPeter, Brian, stop this.
2.63sCan't you two go back to the way you used to be?