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2.67sWhat a bitch.
3.09sGood morning quahog. The heat wave has finally broken, Tom.
2.3sit sure has, diane. You know what they say,
2.1s"If you don't like the weather in New England,
1.27s"go back where you came from."
1.87sUh, I don't think that's the expression.
3.19sYeah. I guess I had one too many bloody marys this morning. But anyway...
2.1sOh, God. I hope the boss isn't watching.
3.22sHa, I don't know how those two manage to be so perky in the morning.
1.45sMmm, Something smells good.
2.89sHomemade cinnamon buns fresh from the tube.
2.3sNothing says "I love you" like something from--
2.34sHey, What the hell are you doing, you crazy bitch? Mmm.
1.45sThese oughta cheer Brian up.
1.7sCinnamon buns are his favorite.
1.18sOh, Really?
2.95sI could've sworn his favorite was "treat Peter like crap" buns.
1.75sGood morning, Brian.
4.72sMy, your summer coat is really coming in nicely. Isn't it, Peter?
5.25sYeah. Must be that special jojoba shampoo I bought you. It cost a little extra.
3.8sBut I would do anything for you, Brian.