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3.07sThe fine is $10. You behave, little fella, you hear me?
2.35soh, Lordy, I'll never roam again!
4.04sHey, He's the law outside this house just like I'm the law inside this house.
1.7sAnd you better start obeying both of us.
0.92sOh, Look at you.
3.97sBig man, can't even afford to buy an air conditioner for your family.
2.67sWhat a bitch.
3.09sGood morning quahog. The heat wave has finally broken, Tom.
2.3sit sure has, diane. You know what they say,
2.1s"If you don't like the weather in New England,
1.27s"go back where you came from."
1.87sUh, I don't think that's the expression.
3.19sYeah. I guess I had one too many bloody marys this morning. But anyway...
2.1sOh, God. I hope the boss isn't watching.
3.22sHa, I don't know how those two manage to be so perky in the morning.