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2.17sHow could you let me down like that, Brian?
5.61sOh, I let you down. Why? Because I refused to demean myself by perpetuating the stereotype of the good dog?
2.95sThis is the one thing I ever asked you to do for this family.
3.22sThis and not do that thing where you drag your ass across the carpet.
1.62sOh, oh, One time I did that! One time!
1.53sPeter, Brian, please.
3.57sLet's just have a nice family car ride like we always do.
2.79sYeah. Except for the time Dad hit that deer.
2.15sYeah, it looks like it's just a ding.
2.55sThere's no reason to involve the insurance companies.
2.23sI should still take down your information.
2.4sReally? 'Cause You could probably just buff that out.
1.7sYeah, but I...
3.3sI would really feel better if I got your information.
2.29sBrian, maybe I had you pegged wrong.
2.34sMaybe you really don't care about this family.
1.33sPeter, If you cared about me,
1.84syou'd never ask me to do something so degrading!
1.9sThe next time I ask you to do something,
1.78sI expect you to do it. Understand?
2.1sWho wants to sing show tunes? In old...
1.1sStop the car.
1.4sIs that what you want, Mister?