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2.07sI think I saw one of her nipples!
2.03sChris, that's a terrible word!
2.47sI'll chalk that up to the heat, mister.
3.8sI say, Am I to strut about all day like a beggar child on the streets of Calcutta?
2.99sFetch me something linen to throw on before I call Child Services!
3.39sPlease don't threaten Mommy. She's very hot.
2.29sChris, you're hogging up all the fans!
3.82sYeah? Well, You're hogging up all the ugly!
1.37sCheck this out, you guys.
3.02sThe Rhode Island Dog Show Championship is in Quahog this year!
1.72sFirst prize is $500!
1.23sIf you won,
2.22swe could use that money for a new air conditioner.
1.63sHey, Brian. You could win for sure.
3.27sYou could do your impression of a barbershop quartet.
3.02sWe were sailing along
13.06sOn Moonlight Bay We could hear the voices singing They seemed to say uh, Sorry. I don't do dog shows.