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1.72sWhat do they call that one?
2.43sThat's Meg, dude. You know that.
2.37sMeg! You vile-smelling girl,
1.55syou're not to touch any of my things!
2.53sYou understand me? Dirty, Dirty girl.
1.6sMeanwhile, here at home.
2.55sQuahog remains in the sweltering grip of a freak heat wave.
2.39sI don't think you should use the word "freak," diane.
2.02sSome people might find it offensive.
1.33sFinish your oatmeal, son.
2sWhy bother? I'm just A freak!
1.02sa freak!
2.42sWe're all a little different, Diane. Each of us.
1sGood point, tom.
3.5sWe're even feeling the effects of this heat wave here in our studio.
1.87sSo stay inside and stay cool.
2.07sI think I saw one of her nipples!
2.03sChris, that's a terrible word!
2.47sI'll chalk that up to the heat, mister.
3.8sI say, Am I to strut about all day like a beggar child on the streets of Calcutta?
2.99sFetch me something linen to throw on before I call Child Services!
3.39sPlease don't threaten Mommy. She's very hot.
2.29sChris, you're hogging up all the fans!