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2.74sIf you just made a few lifestyle changes--
1.93sCan't sleep.
1.93sGonna die.
2.4sCan't sleep. Gonna die.
2.08sWe're back with legendary producer Robert Evans.
4.14sNow before you did The Godfather, there was Love Story. Tell us about that.
3.59sAh, Love Story. The little picture that could.
2.37sWas Paramount chomping at the bit to make it?
3.7sYou better believe they weren't. But once that tearjerker hit john Q. Popcorn,
2.87sit was boffo boo-hoo box office all the way.
3.82sAnd the critics loved it too. I remember Vincent Canby said--
3.87sI'm gonna kill you, Homer. You are so dead.
2.18sNow Chinatown was a classic.
2.82sBut you had problems with the sequel, The Two jakes?
3.92sOh, boy. Disappointed? I had the blues like Chasen's had chili.
3.92sI said to myself, "Evans, you forgot Hollywood rule number one--
1.94skill Homer Simpson."
2.82sHey, what's all the screaming?