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4.74sWell, she didn't reckon with the awesome power of the chief of police.
4.49sNow, where did I put my badge? Hey, that duck's got it!
3.75sOh, come on. Come on. Give it back. I need it.
2.05sAww, keep it.
3.24sSomething wrong, Officer? Yep. Got a taillight out.
3.3s- Where? - Right there.
4.62sYou know, one day, honest citizens are gonna stand up to you crooked cops.
3.5sThey are? Oh, no! Have they set a date?
1.92sThis orange drink is the only way...
2.87sto recoup our terrible losses from Fire Drill Follies.
2.05sI just don't know what went wrong.
3.79sYou opened the show with a fire drill, and everyone cleared out.
3.92sMm. So Mother was right. It was my fault.