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3.07sOh, sweet mother of God! There you are!
1.72sI'll watch you with the lights off.
3.7s(LAUGHING) Like I would dare.
1.87sYou're getting Dan in Real Life?
1.33sWhat? I heard it's good.
2.64sNo, I get it. He's resting his head on pancakes.
1.57sIt looks hilarious.
3.27sThe joke, of course, being that one wouldn't generally do that,
2.9swere there a pillow available.
3.02sOh, my God! Road House!
1.62sGreat. I want to buy this!
2.77sAnd as a bonus, I'll throw in What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams.
1.5s- No, thank you. - No charge.
1.9sI do not want it. But it's free, sir.
3.37sIf that DVD even touches Road House, I will kill you.
1.38sDon't worry.
3.54sSomeday, someone will come and take you home for their very own.
3.9sMaybe far away
5.77sOr maybe real nearby
4.55sHe may be pouring her coffee