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1.93sBoy, that took you a long time!
1.87sDid you have to wait for the streetcar?
2.64sLook, Rita. I have a confession to make.
3.25sI met a girl, I had a couple of drinks and I slept with her.
1.42sYou what?
2.3sI know. I feel awful. It was a terrible thing to do.
2.6sI'm so sorry. It'll never happen again.
5.57sBut there's an upside. You see, these past few weeks I've been doubting whether we're compatible.
1.6sYou know, because of the age difference.
2.9sBut I realized that that doesn't matter.
3.17sWhat I get from you is what I always wanted,
5.91sa smart, sexy, real person who I can talk with and share every piece of me with.
7.27sI had a moment of weakness today, but, in a way, it's all right because it's taken me to a place where I now realize that you're not too old for me.
2.85sIsn't that great? You're not too old for me!
2.88sYou know what, Brian? You're not old enough for me.
1.77sWhat? You cheated on me.