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2.24s(RITA SCREAMING) Was that your boob?
2.43sGod, no! I think I broke my hip.
1.5sOh, my God, what should I do?
2.28sCall the number on my bracelet.
3.17sIt says "Murray Hill 4185." That's not enough numbers!
4.04sThat's the number, Brian. Just dial 0 and read it to Sarah.
1.18sJesus Christ!
2.97s(SIGHING) She's fine. She's out of surgery and she's resting.
2.12sWell, how did she break it? Did she fall?
2.97s(MUMBLING) Yes, she fell.
1.62sYou know, Brian, a woman her age comes in here,
1.03sthey don't always leave.
1.43sPeter, she's gonna be okay.
4.37sListen, Brian, you say the word and I'll go in there with a pillow and you won't have any more problems.
2.64sHow many times do I have to tell you I'm sticking by this woman?
1.7sI love her! Careful, Brian.