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3.83sIf you don't want to face the truth, there's nothing I can do about it.
3.03sChris, I'm all out of digital audio tape. Oh, he's gone.
1.97sHey, can I get you guys to sign these release forms?
3.33sundefinedOh, where the hell is Brian? " don't know, but I better go find him.
2.3sWe can't sit here watching infomercials all night.
2.2sHello. How come f rich and you not?
2.2sHow come you not sell real estate like f do?
1.83sHow come f sleep with your wife while you at work
2.4sand then f pee in your toilet and don 't flush?
3.27sAnd sometimes f open the backpart and f pee in there, so that when you flush
2.13spee come out. You know why? Because I'm smart.
1.97sl'm smart, you 're stupid. Call now.
3.77sBrian! Brian!
3.66sBrian! Brian...
4.13sWho am I kidding? All those buttons, I'll look like Steve Harvey. Brian!
2.49sYeah, I'll ask the cashier ifl can put this up in the window.
4.53sI definitely need a breath freshener. But that's going to give me 11 items.