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2.47sOh, come on, Meg, you can stop the charade.
2.47sMy God, you're as transparent as your father was
2.49swhen he pretended to be a Hasidic Jew to get off work.
4.06sGood morning, Hebrews and shebrews. What a glorious Jewish day.
3.06sHey, how about all those coupons in the Sunday paper, huh?
1.52sSome good deals there.
3.6sHey, you know, I went into a store last week and they wanted $800 for a TV,
2.49sbut I us'ed them down to $500.
3.3sIt's not a charade, Mom. I am a lesbian.
1.73sWhat do I have to do to prove this to you?
2.47sWell, maybe if I'd seen you kiss your girlfriend.
2.13s- Fine. - What was that?
1.99sWhat is she, your grandmother?
2.26s(SCOFFS) That's no kiss. Watch this.