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1.02sSee you, Lois.
3.23sAnd like I tell you every day, ifl come back in the middle of the afternoon
2.83sand you're having sex with somebody, I'll kill you both.
4.03s"Thanks to effective treatments, Magic Johnson down to one AID."
3.7sOh, God, did I hit that deaf kid again? They ought to put a bell on that guy.
3.33sThe nurse says Brian won't be out of surgery for another three hours.
1.74s0h, I hope he's gonna be okay.
0.79sMe, too.
2.87sI know we're not here to place blame or beat ourselves up. but,
3.06sI can't help feeling like this is somehow Meg's fault.
2.63sOh, I just can't stand the thought of losing Brian.
3.33sIf he dies, I'm gonna have to start hanging out with The Rock again.
4.87sANNOUNCER: One's a baby, and the other's black, f think.
3.37sA t feast part black. Or Hispanic.
2.7sf think, you know, possibly, there 's some Filipino in there.