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3.23sWow, Brian, you actually got to sing with Frank Sinatra Jr.?
1.02sOh, it was amazing.
3.63sI got to tell you, he said some things that were exactly what I needed to hear,
2.4sand I was just inspired to get up on that stage.
2.23sGot to live life for today, you know?
3.23sBrian, don't you think it's a little too early to be hitting the booze?
1.13sHey, what's the point of waiting?
1.93sYou got to live life while you can and live it hard.
1.56sThe Chris Farley method, that's good.
1.63sFrank invited me back this evening.
3.37sI tell you, I feel more exhilarated than Peter did when he swam with the bulls.