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2.43sf mean, one of his parents must be white.
3.2sWhat the hell is Jessica Alba, for tha t ma tter?
3.63sff f were 40 years younger, f would plow that till next July.
2.94sAll right, class, today as a special treat, I'm going to show you this
2.76sfascinating episode of NOVA that I taped at home for you.
1.52sYou coming back to bed, Rob?
2.4sHang on, honey. Hang on. My jaw keeps locking up.
2.13sWell, that's not NOVA at all, is it?
2.26sThat's a sex tape I made with my wife.
2.9sOf course, nobody here is interested in seeing that sort of thing.
1.73sAre they? Probably not. No.
2.76sOkay. You kind of looked like you were nodding? Nope?
1.56sOkay. Okay, we should get back to work.
2.53sAll right, next up. does everyone have a lab partner?
1.3s" don't. Me, neither.
0.97sShe can be my partner.
3.03sSarah, that's very irresponsible. Meg is awful.
1.76s- You want to be my lab partner? - Really?
1.13sSure, you seem nice.
1.97sHey, do you want to join my after-school club?
2.23sNow, open your books to page... You know what? Look, I'm sorry.
2.13sCan I just go ahead and show this video of me doing my wife?