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4.53sI definitely need a breath freshener. But that's going to give me 11 items.
1.97s- That's fine. - No, no, no.
3.7sRules is rules. Let's see what I'm gonna put back.
3.33sOkay, I need the Reynolds Wrap and the bathroom tissue.
3.53sI could do without the Triscuits, but they sure are good.
4.13s7-Up's the whole reason I came down here in the first place. You know what?
1.52sI'm not gonna need the V8,
3.7sbecause I can just get some tomato juice at the mini-mart down the street.
1.97sIt's a little more expensive, but that's okay.
2.06sI like to help out a small business.
2.73sI hope it's okay ifl pay you in pennies.
2.09sOh, God, a gutter? How cliche.
1.7sI don't know what went wrong.
2.63sI was just trying to live for the moment, you know?