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2.57seating nothing but frozen Neanderthal.
3.17sTo this day, I can't stand the taste of early hominid.
2.35s(GROANS) Let's just get inside the shack.
1.67s- Hold, maggot! - Ow!
1.53sRemember the code of the ice.
2.3sThick and blue, tried and true,
2.58sthin and crispy, way too risky.
3.19sShows what you know. Crispy doesn't even rhyme with risky.
2.7sHelp, I'm drowning!
3sDon't worry, son, you'll freeze before you drown.
1.7sI love ice fishing.
2.14sI shouldn't be out in this cold.
2.9sI have no protective fat, hair or warm blood.