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3.94s(ALL GROANING) Uh-oh. I think I'm getting swollen glands.
2.45sScrew the quarantine. I'm out of here.
1.72sInitiate containment procedure.
2.27s(GRUNTING) Ow!
1.42sGo on now.
1.2sNow I'm sick.
2.94sI shudder to think what this cold will do to me.
3.22sYesterday I was nearly killed by a tight hat.
4.37sI'd be remiss if I didn't rub your goopy noses in the fact that I'm immune.
4.7s(LAUGHS) Which is why we'll all be counting on you, and you alone,
1.83sto nurse us through this catastrophe.
5.44s(GROANS) Why, God? Why have I been singled out?
6.72s(ALL WHEEZING AND COUGHING) Everyone just calm down and make yourself a tissue walrus.
2.05sDamn it, son, lose the tissues.
1.95sYou're ruining Thanksgiving dinner.
2.22sI'm busy with my space experiment.