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3.22s"Nerd Search '88?" What's this?
2.39sSome stupid science contest for smartwads.
4sNASA's going to pick one kid's experiment to launch into space.
1.45sI could make a space experiment.
1.78sI just got a new thing of glitter.
2.12sI'm not sure science is your thing,
3.49sseeing how that chimp at the zoo tricked you out of your allowance.
2.65sYeah, well, I'll show you and Mr. Bananas.
2.95sAnyway, I've got nothing better to do while I'm sick in bed.
1.3sWait, that's it!
2.42sI'll make a space experiment about the common cold.
1.88sWhere's that contest flyer?
1.57sYou're holding it, genius.
1.1sOh, good.
3.9sI feel awful, but it was worth it to catch and kill this baby fish.
1.98sShmeez, what's with the shmiffling?
2.75sIt's nothing. Just a common cold.
1.62sDR. ZOIDBERG: What? BENDER: Common, huh?
1.33sWhat the hell's "a common cold"?
1.13sIs it valuable?
2.38sCould it be taken from you if you were, say,
3.75sA common... A common cold? No, no!