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2.77sYou home from school, you traitor?
2.55sI fell through the ice. Cut me some slack.
3.24sNobody cut me any slack when I broke my spine.
1.9sDidn't even take a day off of work.
4.14sLot of people depend on you when you sell trampolines door-to-door.
2.15sHere's your homework, you lucky knob.
2.32sAnd with a little more luck from my seven-leaf clover,
3.2sI might get sick enough to miss the whole semester.
2.05sHey, give me that.
1.3sGive it to me, you faker.
1.27sNo, you're not getting it.
1.78sOw! My underbite!
2.69sCome on, Yancy, your brother's sick.
2.47sYou'll never have a better chance to take him out.
3.22s"Nerd Search '88?" What's this?
2.39sSome stupid science contest for smartwads.
4sNASA's going to pick one kid's experiment to launch into space.
1.45sI could make a space experiment.
1.78sI just got a new thing of glitter.
2.12sI'm not sure science is your thing,
3.49sseeing how that chimp at the zoo tricked you out of your allowance.