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4.64sFor 100 quatloos, who did the captain maroon on Ceti Alpha Five?
2.14sUh, Khan?
1.94sMy button has broken!
3.1sThe trivia contest is ended. I now have a surprise.
2.67sYou will perform a fan script...
2.54swritten by the ultimate Trek fan!
4.05sYou have my fan script? I meant me! Melllvar's the ultimate fan!
3.47sOh. I was confused because the scoreboard says something different.
3.27sTrivia contest over! Take your scripts!
2.7sWe have limited rehearsal time.
2.22sNow, I didn't make enough copies of the script,
3.37sso George and Walter will have to share.
4.67sUh-- You probably don't want us to see you rehearsing, or it'll give away the ending.
2.74sThat's right! The ending must not be ruined!
0.4sWe'll go wait in the ship.
2.94sNot till I get my 600 quatloos!