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4.74sCenturies ago, the videotaped adventures of the Enterprise crew...
2.87srained down upon my planet.
2.37sOver and over I watched them,
2.67sespecially the five with the energy beings.
5.14sI am Melllvar! Seer of the Tapes! Knower of the Episodes!
3.79sTremble before my encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek!
1.87sTremble? I laugh.
2.68sNobody knows more about Star Trek than me!
1.19sI beg to differ!
3.62sLong have I waited for the one who played Spock.
2.62sAt last we can begin.
2.5sCool! A Star Trek convention!
2.47sUh-- Uh, Melllvar? Can you give us some idea...
2.1show long this is going to last?
0.48sUntil time stops.
1.14sYou can't do this!
2.17sNow, we have a full schedule of events.
0.65sUh, can people who hate Star Trek leave?
2.81sGood question.
0.63sNo. You have to stay even longer!