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3.72sThe last copies of the 79 episodes and six movies...
3.6swere dumped on the forbidden world Omega 3,
4.62salong with that blooper reel where the door doesn't close all the way.
3.42sThus, Star Trek was forever scoured from human memory.
3.87sAnother classic science-fiction show canceled before its time.
3.02sTsk, tsk, tsk. I've never heard of such a brutal...
2.84sand shocking injustice that I cared so little about.
4.3sNext witness! Bender the Robot, please take the stand.
2.87sShe's all yours, buddy.
2.6sI'd only met the defendant, Fry, once,
2.5sbut I knew he was up to no good.
0.5sPlease use the beeps.