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2.97sThanks a lot, Takei! Now everybody knows!
4.5sIf I can't have the original cast of Star Trek, no one will!
2.1sPrepare to die!
3.09sWait! If they mean that much to you, why do you want to kill them?
2.52sBecause I-- I--
2.07sI don't know what I'd do without them.
3.6sMelllvar, you can't let a TV show be your whole life.
2.6sYou can do anything you want. Look at Walter Koenig.
2.25sAfter Star Trek, he became an actor.
2.8sNot just an actor but a well-rounded person...
2.84swith my own friends and credit cards and keys.
4.02sWell, I... guess I could move out of my parents' basement.
1.91sMaybe get a temp job.
1.36sWhoa, whoa. One step at a time.
2.07sI thank you, Fry.