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2.2sWe're, like, trying to eat here.
1.35sMeg, put your bib on.
1.37sI don't want to wear a bib.
3.02sMeg, honey, it's very cold in here.
2.54sMaybe you'd be more comfortable with your bib on.
1.8sShe means your nipples are sticking out.
0.97sNipples! Nipples!
0.9sThat's it!
1.8sI want those cameras ofF!
1.17s4th wall!
1.9sYou're breaking the 4th wall!
3.5sMeg, You're the one that got us on T.V. in the first place.
2.27sWell Now I'm getting us off T.V.
1.97sI quit!
2.32sHmm. Look, This isn't necessarily a bad thing.
2.2sWe can't do the show without Meg.
1.5sWhy not?
2.4sOur research shows that Meg is the least popular character on the show.
1.57sBut everyone loves the rest of you.
2.45sLois, Lois, women 25 to 49,