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1.64sYou guys are ruining my life!
1.28sI'm sorry, honey.
1.77sI know how you must feel.
1.25sIf you care about me,
3.22syou won't show your faces downstairs for the rest of the night.
2.55sWell, Then it's a good thing I have this.
1.65s"I am not a crook!"
2.4sLook, I mean it! All of you.
1.52sOh, God! Where's Stewie?
1.53sWell, Beth, what do you think?
1.9sDoes Mark find you attractive?
1.65sI don't know.
1.2swell, Have you asked him?
1.38sNot exactly.
2.14sAll right, look. Let's try some role-playing.
1.28sI'll be Mark,
2.2sAnd you ask me out to th-the box social,
2.22sor whatever the devil it is you children do these days.
1.75sPeter, don't!
2.17sGod, your hands are like ice!