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2.5sat the center of the earth?
3.04sYou know, we don't get many of you molten-rock men in here.
1.37sWell, At these prices,
1.43sI'm not surprised!
1.74sThat's it, pal!
3sYou are outta here!
1.43sTo hell with the cameras!
2.8sHow could we ever let them replace our little girl?
1.62sOh, I miss her, Peter.
1.17sMe, too.
1.77sShe's like that dorky Baldwin brother,
3swho isn't as good- looking or successful and never answers my letters,
1.7sbut he's still a Baldwin, damn it!
1.02sAnd so is Meg!
1.95sLet's go get her back!
1.62sSO gRiffins, What can I do for you?
1.57sI'll tell you what you can do.