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1.8sYes. Sleep away, woman.
2.94sBut I'm here to claim what's rightfully mine.
1.6sYeah, yeah. Oh, yeah.
2.4sOh, that's the stuff. Yeah, yeah.
4.34s(SCREAMS) Dear God! I've got to get a hold of myself.
3.17sLook at me sucking pilfered milk off a dirty carpet.
3.34sI'm as pathetic as the fat man when he tries to read.
2.27sHey, Lois, what's this word? "Evel."
1.3sAnd this one? "Kneivel."
1.07s- And this one? - "Was."
1.13sAnd this one? "Born."
1.07sAnd this one? "In."
2.37sAnd this one? "Montana."
3.47sHey, Lois. Did you know that Evel Kneivel was born in Montana?
1.23sYou didn't tell her?
1.77sLook, I told you she was gonna kill herself.
1.17sWhat was I supposed to do?
3.17sLet her. No, that's not funny.
1.17sWait a second.
2.1sWe know she's gonna be upset if you dump her.
2.3sBut if something happened that was out of your control...
3.1sWhat do you mean? I mean we're gonna fake your death.
3.44sThis is the best idea I've had since I invented that soda.