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2.4sIs it Alex Karras in Webster?
1.8sI don't believe it.
3.24sOh, my God! I just took a shot in the dark! Holy crap!
1.7sOkay. You have $1,300.
2.6sWhy don't you go ahead and pick out some prizes from our showcase?
4.54sOkay, let's see. Oh, boy! Everything looks nice. Um...
3.3sAll right, I'll take the ceramic Dalmatian for $600.
2.84sAnd, uh, boy, that TV looks nice.
3.24sUh, give me the one free week of maid service.
2.43sAnd, uh, I'll take the hat rack.
2.77sUm, hey, how much for that fat guy in the circle?
1.33sI don't see a price tag on that.
2sREGIS: That's you. Oh, embarrassing.
3.24sOkay, well, in that case, I'll take the rest on a gift certificate.
2.74sOh, sweetie, you look so handsome on TV.
1.83sI can't believe you actually won.
2.64sBut I suppose it's not the strangest thing I've seen on a game show.
1.83sLike when Adam West was on Jeopardy.
1.97sAll right, players. The answer once again is,
3.87s"It was the first spacecraft to land on the surface of Mars."
1.94sAdam, what was your response?