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4.27sYou know, this cost me $437,000.
1.4sDon't ask me how I got it.
3.14sI had to call in a whole bunch of favors from people I've never even met.
3.17sSo the very least you can do is just rub up against... I don't know.
1.87sWell, if you want I can...
2.64sNo, no. No, no, it's fine. No. Whatever. Whatever. Just go to your wedding, man.
3.54s(SPEAKING SPANISH) No. No. No. No. Take... Just get it out of here.
3sPeter, what's the matter? This is a happy occasion.
1.6sNo, it's not, Lois. It's horrible.
2.47sYou don't know what happens to a man when he gets married.
3sIt's like a disease that rots you from the inside out.
2.23sI know, Peter, but... Oh, damn it.
3.04sI can't believe how much my breasts have swollen.