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3.64sOh, it's my pleasure. In fact, I got a wedding surprise for you.
2sAll right, back it up, guys.
4.1sI know you got a foot fetish so I got you this Statue of Liberty's foot.
2.9sOh, thanks, Peter. But Joan is all the foot I need now.
3.17sWhat? But, Quagmire, that's the real foot from the Statue...
1.5sNo, no. I'm okay.
3.1sHey, do you have any idea what I went through to get this?
1.73sA lot. A real lot.
4.6sYou think this is just, "Oh, here comes Peter "with the Statue of Liberty's foot. Oh, isn't that a gas?"
4.37sNo. No. The reality, the real reality of getting this together was staggering.
4.27sYou know, this cost me $437,000.
1.4sDon't ask me how I got it.
3.14sI had to call in a whole bunch of favors from people I've never even met.
3.17sSo the very least you can do is just rub up against... I don't know.
1.87sWell, if you want I can...
2.64sNo, no. No, no, it's fine. No. Whatever. Whatever. Just go to your wedding, man.
3.54s(SPEAKING SPANISH) No. No. No. No. Take... Just get it out of here.