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1.73slet's take that abortion thing out.
3.77sBoy, I never thought we'd be going to Quagmire's for an engagement party.
3.47sI'm telling you guys, he's putting us on. He's the same old Quagmire.
2.14sHey there, neighbors. Are you lost?
3.2sI'm just joshing. Of course we're expecting you. Come on in, friends.
2.44sUh-uh, if you all will just take your shoes off there.
3.14sJoan and I kind of do the Japanese thing.
2.13sUh-oh, foot odor.
1.23sI have to go.
4.6sI have, uh, terrible foot odor.
2sGlenn, your place looks wonderful.
2.2sI feel like I can touch things in here now.
2.23sWe brought you guys a bottle of wine.
1.9sBOTH: Oh, Montrachet!
2.64sI like our friends.
2.87sSo, Joan and I just love Without a Trace, don't we, honey?
1.77sYeah, it's all right. We think it's all right.
2.04sWhat are you talking about? You hate CBS.
2.47sOoh. "Hate" is a word we don't use in this house.