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1.33sSo, how's the weaning going?
1.57sOh, it's horrible.
2.5sGiving up breast milk is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
3.5sI'll bet the founding fathers had an easier time writing the Bill of Rights.
1.5sAll right, we're done.
2.03sYou think the language in the Second Amendment is clear enough?
2.34sYou know, about the right to bear arms? Of course it's clear.
3.1sEvery American has the right to hang a pair of bear arms on their wall.
1.87sHow could that possibly be misconstrued?
1.63sAll right. Fantastic then.
2.34sWait. You know what? Before we send this to the printer,
1.73slet's take that abortion thing out.
3.77sBoy, I never thought we'd be going to Quagmire's for an engagement party.
3.47sI'm telling you guys, he's putting us on. He's the same old Quagmire.
2.14sHey there, neighbors. Are you lost?
3.2sI'm just joshing. Of course we're expecting you. Come on in, friends.
2.44sUh-uh, if you all will just take your shoes off there.