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2.2sThere you go. There you go.
1.9sEat up, Stephen. You're the weakest.
2.3sWell, maybe it's time to wean Stewie.
2.57sI suppose it would make my life easier.
1.53sYou know what? I'll give it a try.
2.1s- Thanks, Brian. - No problem.
2.24s(STUTTERING) Any other problems you have, too,
4.17slike, for example, around your underpants that you want me to take a look at,
1.53sI could take a look at that, too.
1.74sPlease pull down your underpants.
1.97sAll right, boys. It's my maid's last night.
1.67sSo we got to make the most of it.
3.97sI filled this watermelon with chocolate pudding and M-80 firecrackers.
2.3sHey, Meg. Will you hold this for Daddy?
1.73sOkay. Why?
1.67sUh, it's a present.
3.17sIt's a thanks-for-being- such-a-sweetie watermelon.
1.43sSo you'll hang onto that?
1.17sYeah, sure.
3.24s(EXCLAIMS) This is weird. Am I supposed to eat this?
4.44s(SCREAMS) I hate you! I hate you!
1.97sOh, maid.