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3.5sWe'll explore a comet ride of fantasy
3.64sTo a place where dreams are fast and free
3.04sWith new friends and new things to see
2.57sWe'll spin you through the galaxy
2.1sWell, we are officially lost.
1.63sOn the Great Space...
1.73sShut up, Ricky! Just shut up right now!
3.77sUnless the next words out of your mouth are directions how to get back to the fish skeleton,
1.8sI'm gonna punch you right in the stomach!
1.63sJoan, it's great to have you here.
2.17sNo one's cleaned my belly button in a long time.
2.9sLois is afraid to go near there and my fingers are too thick.
2.17sWhat is this?
2.8sA carton of Parliaments? I haven't smoked in 10 years.
2.17sHey, keep digging.
2.1sOh, ColecoVision.
2.14sYeah! This could be a fun afternoon.