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2.37sPoint well taken. Could you loosen my blanket a little?
5.77sDad tucked me in too tight, and it's cutting off the circulation in my arms and legs.
2.57sThis team is fired up.
0.47sAll right!
0.6sHe'll lose.
2.5sWhat? Didn't you hear what he said?
3.05sThe fear in his eyes, the quiver in his voice.
3.22sHe's a little boy lost in a game of men.
1.33sShould we bet against them?
2.44sI'd bet my entire college fund on it.
3.17sMoe, $23 on New York.
1.92sStart spreading the news.
2.92sIt's New York over Philadelphia, 35 to 10.
1.37sYay! Yay!
5.12sDad, I hate to break the mood but I'm getting nauseous.
1.32sOh, sorry.
3.35sSo, who do you like in the afternoon games?
7.12sThe 49ers because they're pure of heart Seattle because they got something to prove and the Raiders because they cheat.